About Seaver Creative

Launching the memoirs of one of the first heart surgeons in America, THE PULSE OF HOPE.


Seaver Creative is me, Leeanne Seaver, a wordsmith who's usually got a camera around her neck. After 25 years in broadcasting, my focus shifted serendipitously to writing full time. My book commissions have ranged from medical to memoir. It's an endlessly fascinating experience.

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You can find all the deets on me at LinkedIn, or you can read what clients have said on this site.

A big fan of the Oxford Comma . . .

Clients find me when they need a co-writer or ghostwriter, consultant, wordsmithy, or developmental editor. 

Our conversation usually starts with, "Can you help me turn my story into a book?"


The Seaver Vision Award

I was a busy Promotions Director at WTVR in Richmond, Virginia, when we found out our baby was deaf. That news propelled me into advocacy at the national and international levels. In 2012, Hands & Voices (an organization I co-founded) presented me with The Seaver Vision Award. Now I get to present it to someone annually. 

Along with the Hands & Voices Board of Directors, I became co-Chair of the Global Coalition of Parents of Deaf/Hard of Hearing in 2013.


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