Writer, Ghostwriter, Editor

Writer, Ghostwriter, Editor

Writer, Ghostwriter, EditorWriter, Ghostwriter, EditorWriter, Ghostwriter, Editor

Leeanne Seaver, M.A.

That book you're holding inside you: LET'S write it!

After almost 24 months of research and writing, we launched BECOMING MARJORIE at llast!

Hands down, I have the BEST clients.

"Leeanne  Seaver was a joy to work with but more importantly she became connected to the story about my mom and portrayed the character, relationships, and life of my mom through her research and words as if she had known her for years. As an author, I am sure it is normal to  become very invested in your work but the ease with which Leeanne become a part of our circle and expressed my mom's passion and heart put any concerns we may have had in finding a capable person to tell this story to rest. I will always be grateful to her for the work she put into this book and the compassion she showed for a wonderful life that needed to be shared. Thank you, Leeanne!"  - Debbie Allen on BECOMING MARJORIE, The Life & Legacy of Marjorie Powell Allen

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I experience a story as "participant observer" and elucidator.

"Leeanne is, to me, much like a sculptor. Underneath the rough layers of my long-winded prose was a much better writer. Leeanne carefully and gently chipped away at that outer layer to reveal the story-teller below. My writing became crisper, clearer, and more purposeful. And I never felt berated, belittled or embarrassed. Try as I might, I could never find fault with her criticism and her suggestions were always on the mark, which is maddening, of course. Every time I sat upon my high horse Leeanne exposed the puny pony I was atop. In a very nice way. It is a rarity to find someone who can both find fault and suggest remedies. We all know the critic who offers nothing better. Leeanne supplies thoughtful criticism and insightful suggestions. She took care with my work. She honored the time and energy I had spent, and she never diminished the pride I had in my writing. But she showed me where it could be better. That is a powerful talent."

- David Bland, Author, SMUDGE: The Narrative Economics of Indian Country 

"Just give it to Seaver, she'll know what to say."

"Leeanne Seaver worked with our information dissemination team to produce a series of DVDs on early intervention practices for children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families. I have had a lot of experience with various videographers and production teams, and working with Leeanne of Seaver Creative was by far the best of those experiences. I learned a great deal from her about crafting the product in a way that optimized our efforts to tell a compelling story. As a producer, she developed an outstanding vision and credible scripts to guide the work.  Each final product was outstanding in quality. I found her to be the quintessential collaborator and professional."

Mary Pat Moeller, Ph.D., Director, Center for Childhood Deafness 

BoysTown National Research Hospital

My very favorite review was from an English professor who called me a "polyglot."

"Over the past year, we have completed and published my memoir, The Pulse of Hope. During the work, I found Leeanne Seaver to be a quick study with a broad skill set including:

- ability to find the essence of conversation and then construct a relevant and sensitive story

- excellent photographer; she even used existing photos in an artistic and skillful way

- attention to time and budget

- utilization of the English language in a beautiful, artful way

- commitment to completion of the project with the highest quality outcome

Leeanne brings a very enthusiastic and professional approach to her creative writing. It was a pleasure to work with her on my book. I offer my strongest endorsement."

~ William A. Reed, MD, The Pulse of Hope

"The Milk & Cookie Disease" is what I came up with to help Dr. Julie Wei reach her audience.

"Leeanne Seaver changed my life. I  cannot say enough positive things about my experience working with her,  and I truly hope that you will be open to giving yourself the opportunity you deserve to have your project completed above and beyond your expectations. I am already thinking about future projects and there is no doubt in my mind who I will turn to for the future books that I plan to write and publish."

~ Julie L. Wei, MD, A Healthier Wei: Reclaiming Health for Misdiagnosed & Over-Medicated Children 

What have I got to say for myself?

  •  YES, I also write in my own voice and take photographs obsessively (click PHOTO GALLERY off the menu bar for a look). They've graced book covers, a Nature Conservancy calendar, blogs, and websites.

  • I say what I say on this blog:

  • My regular column, "In a Perfect World," is published quarterly in THE COMMUNICATOR.

About Seaver Creative

Launching the memoirs of one of the first heart surgeons in America, THE PULSE OF HOPE.


Seaver Creative is me, Leeanne Seaver, a wordsmith who's usually got a camera around her neck. After 25 years in broadcasting, my focus shifted serendipitously to writing full-time. My book commissions have ranged from medical to memoir, plus I write in travel and special interest genres, too. Here's one that got picked up by Mother Earth News:

You can find all the deets on me at LinkedIn, or you can read what clients have said on this site.

A big fan of the Oxford Comma . . .

Clients find me when they need a co-writer or ghostwriter, consultant, wordsmith, or developmental editor. They get all that plus this bag of chips: after a career in teleproduction, I'm also going to try and talk them into a book trailer or documentary. And I'm going to stick by their side through book launch.

Advocacy for deaf children put me on the other side of the camera as Exec. Dir. of Hands & Voices.

The Seaver Vision Award

I was a busy Promotions Director at WTVR in Richmond, Virginia, when we found out our baby was deaf. That news propelled me into advocacy at the national and international levels (sometimes on the other side of the camera lens). In 2012, Hands & Voices, an organization I co-founded, presented me with The Seaver Vision Award. Now I get to present it to someone annually, which is so high in coolosity I can't even tell you. 

For years, I split my time between broadcasting work in Virginia and Colorado and non-profit work. Click on the picture where my name-super is misspelled to see a video I produced about Hands & Voices.

Along with the Hands & Voices Board of Directors, I became co-Chair of the Global Coalition of Parents of Deaf/Hard of Hearing in 2013. I remain very active with GPODHH and